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    DSC US 2021 is an Exclusive Live Conference, dedicated to Healthcare delivery using Advanced Analytics and AI.
    We have a history of bringing and maintaining good relationships with high-level and high-quality speakers. We tend to create excellent and diverse program content, which aims to target latest trends in Data Science & AI.

    Tracks & Talks

    Our carefully designed program brings together providers, vendors, data professionals, government, academia & data enthusiasts in one place.

    Main program of the Conference is divided into 4 separate tracks that fit into the Technical & Business Storyline. High-quality talks will be delivered by top Healthcare, Data Science & AI experts and leaders. The conference program will focus on the following topics:


    through intelligent healthcare planning and delivery


    such as machine learning and AI to improve diagnostics and outcomes


    by using data and AI for the inclusion and empowerment of patients, employees, and the general public

    DSC US Cleveland HealthTech 2021 attendees will learn how to optimize, integrate and extract information for optimal healthcare results. They will hear from national and international experts about:

    • Using prediction for capacity planning and resource optimization
    • Connecting data and extracting information from electronic medical records
    • Involving patients in their diagnosis
    • Using imaging & natural language processing to accelerate healthcare innovation/li>
    • Learnings & experiences from the COVID-19 will be transformed into a knowledge base for multiple future

    Talks will be focused on the showcase of the latest technology and use cases that may be immediately implemented in businesses.

    Tech Tutorials

    Tech tutorials are on-hand training/workshop type of event. Tech Tutorials will last for 1.5h-2.5h hours, happening on August 24th, through Zoom platform. We have foreseen to have up to 35 attendees per Tech Tutorial. This year we are going to organise over 15 Tech Tutorials.

    An initial list of proposed topics, languages, libraries, tools and platforms you may find below:


    - Predictive Analytics, Data Visualisation, Time Series
    - Natural Language Processing, Conversational AI, Speech Recognition, Machine Translation
    - Image Classification, Image Processing, Machine Vision, Computer Vision
    - Recommender Systems, Anomaly Detection, Bias Detection
    - Machine Learning, Deep Learning, GNNs, CNNs, RNNs


    - Python
    - R
    - SQL
    - C/C++
    - Scala
    - SAS
    - Julia
    - Pig/Hive

    Libraries, Platforms & Tools

    - Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, Caffe
    - Scikit-learn, Theano, Shogun, Pylearn2, XGBoost
    - Apache Spark, MLlib, Streaming
    -, Azure ML, Amazon ML, Cloud ML, BigML
    - Tableau, Power BI, Neo4J, D3.js, R-Shiny
    - Hadoop, Apache Storm, Apache Flink, Kafka, Druid, Google Cloud Platform
    - SAS Software, IBM SPSS, Software
    - EViews, RapidMiner, Orange, Alteryx

    There are three types of tech tutorials: career path, library demonstration, and tool showcase.
    Career path is focused on specific parts of data science, such as programming skills, math & statistics or applied domain knowledge.
    Library demonstration is related to the exact library and how to use it in a specific industry.
    Tool Showcase is focused to show the ability of specific tools in the predefined environment.

    All attendees will receive an Official Certificate of Attendance with Tech Tutorials topics included.

    Change the world through data

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